How do new allergies develop?



How do people start developing allergic reactions to things they weren’t previously allergic to?

In: Biology

Pretend you are born with a basket of flowers and every time you look at the basket you throw away a flower. When the basket is empty an allergy can occur.

There are lots of things people become allergic to with repeated exposure. A tiny bit once or twice is ok, our bodies can handle it. But if you are exposed to it too much, to often, your body can develop a reaction to it.

Case in point…. Nickle allergies, very common. Touch it a few times when you’re young, meh… Not much happens. But as you get repeatedly exposed to it, one day you start getting burning rashes when you come into contact with it. Your body’s ability to deal with the allergen has maxed out.

When your body is exposed to a foreign entities such as dust or fur, it tries to get rid of it. When you develop allergies, usually it is due to constant exposure. Your immune system usually tries to get rid of foreign entities and make memories known as anti-bodies. When u finally have an “allergy” for something, it is just your body getting really good at targeting the foreign entities. Unfortunately for you, when your body is fighting the foreign entities, you can get hives and other reactionary symptoms.