How do our bodies adjust to more hot temperatures?


Context: I’m from a pretty cool, coastal place. Whenever I visit landlocked southern US states, the first couple of days, I am sweating like a pig. However, after that initial 2 or 3 day period, I don’t tend to sweat as much — and the weather begins to feel normal to me. Once I go back home, however, it feels so COLD. What goes on in our bodies that help us adjust to our climate?

In: Biology

One of the largest parts of it is your basal metabolism rate adjusting. If it is more hot, your metabolic rate will go down so you are not generating as much waste heat.

I am a fairly large male, reasonably muscular and moderately fat. And I used to live in Minnesota, where the winters get down to below -20 degrees Fahrenheit and The Summer’s easily get into 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And during the winter, my basal metabolism would be so much higher that I would regularly eat 3500 calories and not gain weight. During the summer even 2000 calories would have me putting on pounds.