How do paper packaged milk not detroy the packaging.


I mean it is paper, the wost enemy to any liquid

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The inside of the paper carton is waxed, making it waterproof. Usually, the outside is also waxed, so that condensation also doesn’t damage the packaging.

Milk (or any liquid) isn’t directly touching the paper. Prior to filling, they line the paper with a layer of wax.

Over enough time, the wax will mix with the milk and expose the paper directly, and leaks will form like you’re expecting. Heating the carton will accellerate this process.

But, the fluid inside is milk. We know the stuff spoils in X days, and faster if not refrigerated. So, they can look at those assumptions to figure how thick the wax coating needs to be and how much temperature it needs to be able to handle.

Statistically speaking, the milk will soil well before the wax does.