How do people go abroad and study while they dont know the language perfectly? Its pretty hard to understand what teacher is saying


For example your native Spanish speaker, you get Canada visa to study in there. You can only speak colloquial english. Your listening skill is normal too, you won’t understand some of the words. So now how do you go study in english?

Teacher is teaching chemistry, he is explaining balanced reaction, how do you want to understand what he is saying?

or he is teaching physics, how do you want to understand what is Diffusion, Phenomena Physical, Radiation Thermal, Vaporization, Evaporation or Equilibrium Thermal.

It has so many complicated words.

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Going someplace you don’t know the language perfectly is the most common route to fluency.

We had an exchange student who had lied about his level of English proficiency. At the beginning, he barely spoke or participated in class. By the end of rhe school year, he was fluent (but still with an accent).

Either you learn the language really fast, or you put a lot of work into it after each lesson to look everything up.

There are also sometimes classes in different languages: My roommate is from the Philippines, and is now studying in Germany. His first semester is in English, and at the same time he has a lot of German classes. 2nd semester will be in German.

Lots of hard work.

I have seen Korean students in English classes translate everything to Korean and then back to English for exams and papers.

I have seen Indian students write notes in Italian universities and German universities that are so good that they have been able to sell notes for pocket money. They used to get the text book, translate it, make English notes , then make Italian/German notes before the class. Then go to class and listen to understand the lecture and finally finalise the notes.

What most people don’t see with international students who put themselves through this is that they are the top of their class to be able to get into these universities and they are super motivated.

It’s a tonne of work.