– How do plants turn water to… plants? How de they grow from just water?

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For example in hydroponics, the plant root has only water… where does it get the extra matter it needs to make more plant cells so it can grow? How does water turn to plant?

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You do not grow hydroponic plants in JUST water. If you want growth and production, you need to have enough biomass (live fish is what I have experience with because I work at a fish stocking business that does modified hydroponics, as well as supplying actual hydroponic setups with fish) to “feed” the plants. The ideal setup for a fish/plant hydroponic system is at least two tanks, connected, with maybe a sump or a filter medium. You feed the fish who live in one tank, the fish poop, you either gravity-feed or pump the water into the second tank with the plants, the plants pull the dissolved fish poop up through their roots and absorb the nutrients in it, you either gravity-feed or pump the water back into the tank with the fish since it’s been cleaned. If you try to do hydroponics in just plain, clean water, you’re going to have very sad plants and/or have to fertilize the water in order to get any real growth.

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