How do puzzles benefit our brains?



Like, yeah I can see how it helps keep your brain active by like ‘solving problems’, but how else does it benefit the brain?

How does it improve the brain? What specifically happens? Are there other types of ‘puzzles’ we could create to better help ourselves or even overcome certain problems?

Exercises memory too I guess?

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Puzzles mostly help your brain get better at doing those specific kinds of puzzles. Most of the “train your brain using these puzzle games” style services or activities tend to greatly exaggerate the expected benefits. There might be some from just generally being active, and some skills that you practice or learn in the process of doing puzzles might help with working on more general problem-solving, logic or spatial reasoning, but for the most part, it’s not actually doing anything special to your brain to improve it in any particular way.

Most puzzles teach people how to read directions, be patient, and develop strategies.

Basically, puzzles teach you how to master puzzles.

Once you get really good at a particular puzzle and are just trying to improve your speed, your brain becomes so specialized to the specific puzzle that it stops employing general cognition and tends to reinforce specialized strategies.

Your brain shrinks and grows depending on what skill you use. So if you play baseball hand to etc coordination will increase.

Brain training games will mostly just improve your ability to play brain training games with some bleed over into individual activities.

Learning protects your brain because you are strengthening connections, with good sleep you are then sorting that information and detoxing.

Doing block puzzles and operating various types of machinery that requires spatial awareness will improve your spatial awareness.

Counting using an abacus or writing a language that is very symbolic can help with maths skills.

Writing with a pen will help more than typing. Using additional senses to learn such as sound, touch and smell will strengthen that learning even more.