How do rappers freestyle so well?


I was listening to some freestyle clips from a variety of rappers and was amazed by the lyrics and flow that they all had. I understand that they must have lots of practice but is there some special way that they are able to rap album-quality lyrics off the top of their heads but take years between albums?

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It’s important to note that a variety of freestyles today are actually written beforehand but still referred to as freestyles, for some reason.

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It’s easy to freestyle when you memorise rhyme

You can shift it about, ‘ long as you keep in time

Add in an insult, dude you’re so fucking lame

But the end of the sentence is always the same

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The Marc Rebillet / Harry Mack freestyle on YT is astonishing.

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It really is just that, tons and tons of practice. Do anything for a long time and unless you just have no hope, you are bound to get better.

Also, a lot of rappers cannot freestyle well (wether talking writtens or off the domes), same reason a best selling author may not be able to write a compelling essay in 30min.

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im gonna add on to what others said— you can rhyme mighty slick if you’re quick with your head— some folks just do it, their hobby is such— others dont think about words very much— if you wanna check out someone good at it, dawg— look around reddit for u/poemforyoursprog

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You’ve answered your own question: It’s practice, practice, practice.

Think about how jazz musicians solo. They’ll do it differently each time, they may throw in familiar riffs, or make a reference to another piece. But they can do it fresh because they’ve spent five hours a day doing it. They live it.

As far as making album, a lot goes into that. More than rapping over a beat. Also, you don’t want to flood the market. Taylor Swift takes a couple years between her albums. But trust she’s got most of those songs half written. Same with hip hop artists. And the artist is making the most money most often by doing live shows, anyway.

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I have a friend that raps, he says that having a vocabulary and writing does the trick, For the vocabulary it works like if you want to use a word that doesn’t rhyme you can use synonyms, that is why your knowledge about words is a must, And for writing you can practice