How do remote control things work? How can I press the up lever on a controller and make an RC car move across the room?



How do remote control things work? How can I press the up lever on a controller and make an RC car move across the room?

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what you have as a RC remote it is basically a radio. Think like it sends some sounds through this radio frequency and the logic at the RC just listens for that. When you hold down forward key, remote just sends some beeping sounds meaning “forward” command for the other side(which is the RC car)

TV remotes work a bit different, only with infared light. Just like you can’t hear radio signals, you can’t see infared light. There’s an infared LED at the tv remote and one light sensor at the TV. when you press a button at the tv remote, it blinks the led accordingly and tv picks that up. Think that one like a morse code.

These are the 2 most basic remote things. There are more complex remotes like A/C remotes who also show temperature at the remote. But they are not so much different at the basic level.

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Remote controls work with infrared, bluetooth or WiFi.
Every button on the remote sends a digital sequence, a combination of 1 and 0 that is unique.
The receiver has a dictionary of these commands and apply them.
The frequency of the commands is so high that it looks like a continuous movement for your racecar.

It’s getting a little boring with questions like this cause this info can be found in a gazillion places across the internet, even yt videos that explain visually how they work and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pressing the lever on a remote control device, activates a mechanical switch that powers part of a circuit inside the controller. That circuit then powers a wireless transmitter to broadcast a wireless signal (like a radio) which the antenna on the car picks up. And much like a radio the car has internal electronics which interpret and translate the signal to perform some function, in this case the signal sent when the controller’s left lever is pushed up tells the car to power the motor in a forward motion, so the car moves forward.

Just like a video game controller, each input on the remote control sends a different signal to the device, which is in turn interpreted into different operations within the car: “turn the wheel servo’s left” “engage the drive motor in reverse” etc.

There are a number of ways in which we can wireless transmit input signals: Bluetooth, UHF, RF, Infrared, etc. These are all different methods of wireless transmission, and require the receiving device to be capable of receiving the signals, and then in internal computing circuitry is programmed to understand and react to the received input.

They work with radio waves. Radio waves are like light, but at a different frequency so you can’t see it, and they can easily go through things like walls. When you press a button on the remote, the remote sends out a radio signal, blinking it on and off very fast in a specific pattern. The receiver (inside the TV or the RC car) looks for radio signals and when it identifies a specific pattern, it will do something like change the channel. There’s basically a little computer inside that has software on it with a list of signals it can recognize, and what to do when each signal is received.

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