– How do software developers test and quality control on Electric Vehicles?

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Something I keep thinking about, how to do they testing on them? Developers write the code, deploy it onto the system and then how do they properly test? I understand basic things like the in car infotainment system, but more complex things like performance and the various sensors.

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1. Test in software 

Run the program in an emulator (if you are developing for an ARM system or some microcontroller) with simulated inputs. Quick and portable, you can just do it while developing 

2. Test on real hardware with fake sensors 

This stage requires an actual system to test on. It is somewhat cumbersome but reveals wonky shit you don’t get in software testing, like the effects of electrical noise on the circuit and signals.  If you are fiddling with engine control you can put together the guts of the car on a test platform and just rev it in place against some braking thing to simulate the resistance of pushing a car. 

3. Put on a helmet and try it 

Usually not done by the programmers, but yeah you gotta actually try the thing in a real car (more potential electrical noise, user experience stuff that becomes apparent only when you actually try to use the device). Usually done once they are pretty sure the thing is working alright.