How do some people think/speak inside their head while others can’t?


How do some people think/speak inside their head while others can’t?

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Does anyone know what causes this? Why it happens?

Is having or nor having internal monologue the norm? I thought everyone had it.

I also thought having verbal dialogue in dreams was normal. Next you’ll tell me most people don’t assign unique voices and accents to the comments they read in forums or characters in books.

FYI, 90% of redditors have a 18th century British Accent.

I think it’s possible that thinking is unnecessary, only needing to be used when elaborating on things. The brain is similar to a neural network, if you think about something the pathway is given more priority. I believe that thought is what allows you to choose a lower priority pathway. Without thought, you immediately follow the highest priority pathway, which is usually the correct pathway to follow. If I said think about a chicken, you probably have a good idea immediately. If I said think about the feathers of a chicken and apply them to the thought of a chicken, I’ve then led you down a new pathway which you likely haven’t followed if you aren’t an artist or something of the sort. People with less exposure to conversation likely are the people who can have inner monologue because people with a high exposure to conversation immediately find the words they want to say, simply because they’ve been down the pathway a million times. If you are kept up at night by a reoccurring memory, ask yourself, how many times at the point of that memory had you gone through the same or similar situation? The chances are slim that you’d done the same or similar thing a million times over and it remains a reoccurring memory.


people who don’t think in words are conversationalists, thinking is unnecessary, thinking allows you to choose whether you have an immediate response, if you haven’t thought about it before you don’t have an immediate answer

This is so bizarre. I totally have a monologue, but some of you that don’t seem to think we only think in words. Not true at all, I at least think in words and visuals. The same for dreams, I see people and we talk together, just like the waking world. Is there anyone who ONLY thinks in words?