How do synthetics colors run in the wash? Isn’t polyester just colored plastic woven into fabric?


More context…I’ve been washing mixed color synthetics for years. Just got married and I washed my wife’s bright red dress made of synthetics with all of our other synthetics. Everything’s pink. 1) how did the colors run, and 2) how did the other colors get colored pink? Wouldn’t the dyed water just wash over them and get rinsed off? Feeling like maybe my understanding of fabric has been wrong my whole life…

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A lot of clothes with dyes that run are typically poly-blend and will have some amount of cotton or other fabric in them. The only stuff I’ve had that is 100% polyester was usually compression base layer stuff but none of that has any run/picked up any colors

I’ve found that the fabrics used for women’s fashion vary so widely that it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the wash. Even when there are two or three fabrics listed on the tag, you sometimes don’t have the whole story, and only rarely will any information be given re: dyeing. That’s why it’s really important to follow the directions on the back of the tag, and always separate colors. It’s wasteful and annoying, but unless all you wear are t-shirts and jeans it’s your only option.

Some colorful items can only be safely washed in the sink with cold water.