how do tendons get repaired and how does cartilage get repaired?


Can they grow larger/ stronger after micro tearing like a muscle? I know they have no direct blood supply like a muscle and they take longer to heal but how do they get nutrients? Also I don’t know much about cartilage at all lol

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When i cut my tendon in my finger they stitched it back together. It got stiff and wouldnt bend anymore but after about 8 months of stretching and physio i have about 95 percent motion back.

I guess they had to kind of overlap it to stitch it back together and thats why i lost range of motion.

My Achilles was fixed by a suture bridge. Then the surgeon punched holes in the tendon and did an old version of PRP, putting blood in the tendon. That’s over 10 years ago.

Tendons need to be loaded and unloaded in order to heal.

If you have a strained achilles, you need to do something like heel lifts to stimulate blood flow. Just rest alone won’t normally heal it