How do they make the revving sounds for cars in video games?


It‘s hard to explain how I think this is so complex… basically in a video game you can change the throttle a lot. How do they adapt the noise of the engine to throttle changes?

Sorry if that sounded stupid.

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Obligatory not an expert but you can mess around a lot with one base suond by changing specific parts of the frequencies, adding fx like reverb, saturating the sound etc…

It starts with digital audio sampling – the recording of the sounds real cars make into a digital file which can be manipulated and inserted into the game. The longer you press the throttle button in a certain gear, the louder and higher the pitch will be – just like in real life.

[Here is the non-ELI5 explanation ](

There are two paths to our digital sounds in games – sampling and synthesizing and then combos of those. Synthesized sounds are built from the ground up as designed waveforms and samples are recordings of things that are then made controlled by the game (or a keyboard, midi controller, computer, etc.).

So..for your example, they may literally sample a car at different levels of throttle and then digitally “smooth” the transition between them and put that overall affect at the control of your player. They may also just have a sample of different levels of throttle and let you move through that sample forward and back with the control of your player.

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