How do they reduce fat in things like peanut butter?


Is there a low fat peanut? Is there a fat removal machine that I need to step into somewhere?

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Pure peanut butter ie no sugar/salt/palm oil/hydrogenated monkeys testicles or any other added crap is what you want.
The body dos not absorb most of the oil in peanut butter but does absorb the vitamins and nutrients.
And for those that love to live on a low/no fat diet without saturated fats in your food your very much at risk of being vitamin A.D.E Deficient as they are fat soluble vitamins ie need fat to be assimilated by the body.
where as B and C are water soluble so food has to contain water for that process.
Also Vitamin D is via food the sunlight is the catalyst to make it work.

most food that is low fat is filled with trash additives like corn syrup etc which is pure poison.

People that have nuts in there diet live far more healthily than those that don’t fact.

If you wan’t to live better cut out likes of colas/sweeteners as they bleed/flush the vitamins and nutrients out of your body.

See many woman buying low fat gear like skimmed milk mind then buy crap chocolate filled with no real chocolate just candy/sugars/corn syrup etc then later in life wonder why have Osteoporosis Vitamin D etc protect your bones as in with calcium which the body uses to neutralise Acids from Cola’s/Dr pepper and other things as unnatural acid to your insides.

Females also need more fat as become nursing mothers!

Fat don’t make you put weight on! Too many Calories do.

The human body can live off Animal fats/Saturated fat etc it is a fast energy source but what it can’t live on/burn is messed about fats as they provide a very poor energy source.

The body is like a fire it burns things inc oxygen which produce carbon as a waste product ie poop!
Real/proper fat say from a sunday roast is like putting dry/seasoned wood on the fire burns very well produces heat ie energy so the wood pile isn’t that high.

While messed about/low fat/hydrogenated fats are like putting green/wet/poor non pure tree wood types on the fire produce lots of smoke burn very poorly so take a long time produce very little heat and the wood pile stacks up and up which is your Belly/body!.

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