how do wired headphones/earbuds relay sound?


I understand wireless headphones/earbuds. But the wired ones is a massive mystery. When they’re plugged in, how do they produce sound? (Sorry for English, I’m not a native Speaker.)

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They are much simpler and exclude several components that are present in wireless units: the radio transmitter, reveceiver, the microprocessor and the battery. In your playback the device is a small amplifier. It pushes electricity between a pair of wires in the headphone cable. This changing electric field causes a metal spiral to move closer to or retract from a magnet. A membrane is attached to this spiral and it sets air in motion.

In wireless headphones the amplifier and a battery for it are in the portable unit. It receives a digital signal over radio and decodes it to electric vibrations.

The same way wireless ones do. The only difference is how the electrical signal gets to the headphones, either through a wire, or over the air. Once the signal is in the headphones, exactly the same thing is happening to produce the sound.

When you put a voltage through an electrical coil it makes a magnetic field. The direction and strength of this field depends on the direction and intensity of the voltage. If you put a magnet in the middle of that coil the coil’s magnetic field will move the magnet. The signal that goes through the wire is identical (mostly) to the wave of the sound that comes out.

Wireless devices also need to do this to drive their speaker but they transmit their data digitally.