How do you people have sех if the vаginal canal is only 1-3 inches long?


Guides will show how to measure your cеrvix for choosing the right pеriod cup by using knuckles. Sometimes only up to your first knuckle can go in. Finger are often only 3 inches long, and it looks like in some cases wоmen can reach their cеrvix at one knuckle, which is about one inch. If the average реnis is 5 inches long, how are you supposed to have sех? Even if it’s a “high” cеrvix, it’s only 3 inches long!

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The vagina isn’t rigid.

When a woman is aroused, blood flow to the vagina increases and her vagina goes all stretchy and moist.

When she has a baby, it stretches right out, enough to fit a babies head through!

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The vagina expands when a women is aroused, a bit like the penis does. That’s why foreplay is so important for females, it leads to a more comfortable experience for her. Also lessens the chances of experiencing pain if she’s well lubricated.

As a woman when it’s rushed I’ve experienced pain and sex has been followed by awful cramping sensations in my tummy