How do you properly plant trees?


How do you properly plant trees?

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From a seed, sapling, cutting, or transplant?

Step 1 : Find a suitable place for planting the tree and it should not have any buildings near it

Step 2 : Make sure that the soil is sustainable for the tree you’re planning to grow

Step 3 : Water the soil so that it is easier to dig a hole

Step 4 : Place the sprout inside the hole

Step 5 : Put some fertilizer*

Step 6: Close the gap after planting the sprout

Step 7 : Slightly water it

Now wait for several years for the tree to bore fruits.

* – Optional

It depends on the size of the tree and the type. Some are just shove it into the ground and forget it. Some require so much muss and fuss to suss that I’d really rather just starve and die of sunstroke.

TAG has a good one-page blurb on the basics. [](

I own a large landscape firm with a team of Master Gardeners and Arborists. I can tell you that the typical home owner plants trees WRONG!….each tree has its own root, soil and light characteristics. Most people plant the trees too deep which will kill them!…

The tree ball should be 1/3 out of the ground. Depending on the variety we often plant the trees ON the ground then push a berm of soil to cover the ball…Why? because it prevents the tree roots from drowning…secondly, a small tree will often die because the home owner packs mulch up to the trunk which will cause the bark to decay and/or girdle the root mass. Both of which will damage or kill the tree.

Do your homework. Each tree is different and each planting style based on the type of tree should be noted. Evergreen are different from deciduous and soil needs are paramount when selecting the variety