How does 2 day shipping or overnight shipping work?


How does 2 day shipping or overnight shipping work?

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it works same as any other shipping. you give your package to the shipper. they put it on a truck if destination is close or a plane if it’s far. truck drivers work overnight and get it to the destination city. where it’s unloaded and sorted in the morning and put on another truck to drive to the delivery address. it takes a plane a handful of hours to fly from one side of the continent to the other. leaves plenty of time to sort it and deliver to destination

Warehouses generally have regularly scheduled trucks that pick up once a day or once a week, whatever the frequency is.

If an order needs to ship faster then they generally order a truck from a special courier to come pick it up right away.

I imagine a company like amazon probably has multiple trucks picking up throughout the day and the faster shipments they probably just guarantee to be on the first truck.

Then when delivering it’s the same type of priority.

When I order something from amazon with standard shipping it usually arrives in a FedEx truck. But when I order something same day or next day delivery it usually arrives in a small van by some courier company I’ve never heard of.

Large companies like Amazon have many vast warehouses across the country and can dispatch from the closest one. And when necessary, air cargo is utilized, where as longer shipping times go by truck.

Most shipping companies have a hub and spoke system, where trucks pick up from warehouses (usually located near airports for cheap land and shipping logistics) and it get taken to airport, flown to shipping company hub — FedEx is in Memphis, UPS is in Louisville, etc. From there it gets dispatched to other major airports before taken to dispatch centers and eventually loaded into trucks for delivery. While these paths used to happen daily, now due to increased volume it’s possible for it to occur multiple times a day.

I’ve read that Amazon will move physical inventory closer to your location in preparation of you ordering it. If you’ve browsed the product page multiple times, added and removed it from your cart, or saved it for later, they’ll move the product to a warehouse that’s near you for when you finally submit the order. You can view the patent for this “anticipatory delivery” [here](