how does a chickens reproductive system work?


I run a page where people post confessions. Today I got a confession of someone in uni that said that they don’t know how chicken eggs and roosters work. How do I respond to that? I feel like it’s a stupid question but I wanna give a good answer.

Actual submission:
At my internship we have chicken who lay eggs. I asked myself how chicken can lay eggs without a rooster. A friend told le that the egg is in a cycle, just like mentruation. But then the question arises, how does the fertilization work? Is there even a need for fertilization? For 22years I’ve thought that chicks come out because the chicken sits on the eggs long enough. That brings me the next question: What’s the purpose of the rooster?

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A chicken will produce eggs whether or not the rooster is involved, just as a human female will release eggs, whether or not a guy is involved. If there’s no conception, there’s a period, if there is, there’s a pregnancy.

With chickens, the eggs are laid and are either laid fertilized or not, depending on if the rooster had his way.

Does it help to know that fertilization happens BEFORE the eggshell gets formed? Chicken sperm meets chicken egg, then the shell forms around the whole mess.