How does a drug on a piece of cloth down you?


All i know is from movies.

you know how they put a cloth on you and you just go to sleep? how does that work? can you just hold your breath until they think youre downed and just fight them off?

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Are you talking about chloroform?

In movies they’re taking liberties with the function of the drug chloroform. You inhale vapors on the rag, and it makes you dizzy. In real life, chloroform does not quite work like that – it takes a long time of direct exposure to pass out. Yeah, you could stop breathing, but you’d have to stop breathing for the five minutes you’d have to be held down.

It doesn’t.

Instantly rendering somebody unconscious by holding a chloroform-soaked rag to their face is nothing more than a movie-making fantasy.

Well, it doesn’t and it’s just a movie trope. You would need to breath through a chloroform-soaked rag for five minutes to fall unconscious.

guessing you mean chloroform.

it’ doesnt work like that, contrary ot what moives and tv show it doesnt act THAT fast, it would take a significant amount of exposure ot even have mild effects and its more immediate danger is that it can make you stop breathing entirely.

in the time it has a chance ot knock you out you had plenty of time to stop the exposure.