how does a good immune system keep you healthy?



I know that stuff like mucus and skin can keep germs physically away from the body, but why does a good immune system keep you healthy?
Can a strong immune system make it so that you might not even feel symptoms of a disease in the first place, or is it just a matter of recovery and fighting off the illness?

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Disease symptoms are usually your body’s way of fighting the pathogen (raising temperature to make your body a not hospitable environment, inflammation means cells are rushing to the problem to fight it off)

And yes, a good immune system basically has the necessary number of immune cells in a healthy environment to fight the virus or bacteria easily enough before it multiplies and makes more trouble, thus the symptoms becoming more severe.

The immune system is one of the most complex parts of are body, it involves several organs and dozens of specialized cells all working together. There is an entire field of study on it, immunology. Over simplifying, white blood cells travel the body looking for invaders, if some are detected it will try to kill it. If that doesn’t work, reinforcements will be called in. Killer T-cells and other types of cells will rush the area and try to kill the invaders. Here’s a couple good [videos]( [explaining]( better than I ever could.

Also most symptoms are actually caused by your immune system fighting back. A fever, is your body trying to kill the germ with heat, inflammation is caused by the rush of blood to the area, etc.

Your immune system is the bouncer of your body. Its got a full staff of goons that look out for things that shouldn’t be in your body. When a troublemaker is discovered they call everybody in to fuck up their day. They attack in a multitude of ways but all geared toward identifying and rendering the troublemaker a non-threat. And they remember the trouble makers face for next time.

If your cells and organs are strong and healthy enough it will be easier for them to fight the disease because they are not already weak or damged themselves.

You have self, and non self cells… when you have a strong immunity your bodies self cells can fight your non self cells… What happens sometimes though is your self cells can get mind controlled over by non self, (they replicate bad RNA sequences) and transcribe the information which then can hijack all of your other cells and keep repeating the process or known as (autoimmune) which the self cells begin to attack itself.

The immune system is very complex with a multitude of different components at play. The core gist that everyone should know is what antibodies are. An antibody is a protein that almost works like a lock and key. The lock is the invader and the key is the antibody itself and when they match, that invader is marked for death. I’m not going to get into the entire pathway but know that there are molecules (interferons, interleukins if you are interested) that aid in propagating the bodies “make antibodies” mode. So it would make sense then with more of these components at your disposal, that you would get sicker less and for shorter amounts of time.