How does a part of your body heal/mend to a part where its not supposed to?


I watched a video on vaginoplasty and i was wondering how just stitching the part of skin that was moved is enough to just seal it up. Like if your body heals according to your dna then why would it heal a part of your body up if it wasnt made to be there?


In: Biology

Why do you think your body heals according to your dna?

The cells in your body work in groups, and each group has specific functions and structures. They also communicate by sending out signals so that cells can act together as a group. If you take a piece of living tissue and move it to a different place on the body that has similar function and structure, the cells will signal to each other that they need to heal together since both places have been hurt by being sliced open. The cells in the blood make a temporary bond while the cells in the tissues make new proteins and cells to bridge the gap.