How does a rock tumbler work?


How does a rock tumbler work? Can any type of rock change into a bright color? Does the tumbler require chemicals?

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A rock tumbler do not change the color of a rock. It is simply a way to polish the rock so you get a smooth surface an the color is visible. If you polish it in another way the result is the same.

Because of how light is reflected the color of a material is a lot more visible if the surface is smooth. I simple way to see the color of a rock better is to pour water on it.

So to get tumbled rocks with bright colors you need to select the right rocks to begin with, most you just find in nature will not look like that.

Look at []( that show before and after pictures.

Rock tumblers use rotary motion to polish the rocks in a slurry of water and abrasive powder.

The abrasive powder comes in a variety of ‘grits’ to work from rough to smooth.

It just polishes the surface of the rocks to be smooth.

It mimics the natural weathering that occurs with water (rivers or tides) and sand to polish driftwood or shells.