how does a wireless mouse work?



I’ve always wondered this because I understand how wired mouses work but how do wireless mouse work?

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a wired and wireless mouse works the same way. The only difference is instead of the signal being sent through a physical wire into the USB port of your motherboard, the mouse has a wireless transmitter, which sends the signal to the usb dongle plugged into the usb slot. It’s the same function, you just replace a physical wire with some kind of transmitter, be it bluetooth or 2.4GHz radio, or whatever protocol the wireless transmission is operating over.

But the workings of the mouse itself is the same.

There are two cases for wireless mice, where either you get a USB dongle (usually a small looking USB stick) or don’t.

In the case that you get a USB dongle, the mouse is already set to start listening for and talking to that USB dongle. Once that dongle’s plugged into your computer, your computer can talk to the dongle. So when you move your mouse, those signals get broadcast to your dongle, which then talk to your computer and moves the mouse the way it’s supposed to.

In the case that you don’t get a dongle, likely you’ve got a Bluetooth mouse. Basically how Bluetooth works is that you’ve got devices like headsets and keyboards screaming into space for someone to notice them. This signal is used by another device (like a computer) to pair, which turns that screaming into a polite exchange of signals, like keyboard strokes and audio playback. So once your Bluetooth mouse is paired with your computer, it’ll send the exact same signals.