How does airpods detects when they’re in our ear ?



How does airpods detects when they’re in our ear ?

In: Engineering

There’s a small light sensor in each AirPod that detects whether there is a light source or not. Light detected by sensor = Not in ear.

This is coupled with the gyroscope inside that detects whether the AirPod is in a vertical position (i.e. likely in the ear)

You can test this out by holding your fingers over an airpod and adjusting its rotation to see when the music continues on the other ear.

Quite simply they’ve got a sensor for that, one of the dark bits is actually transparent to infrared light and a sensor can detect if it’s in your ear through that window

The little black dots on them are proximity sensors and when they are blocked, the AirPods can tell they’re in your ear. You can try it out with covering the sensor with your finger, it’ll have the same effect