– How does anti venom work?


– How does anti venom work?

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You might not like this… antivenom is assorted antibodies that target the venom in your bloodstream. You make it by taking the venom from the snake with the venom, then injecting it in an animal, then harvesting the resulting antibodies from blood drained from the animal.

This is different from antidotes used against toxins, which tends to be more specific. The opioid antidote naloxone for example “knocks” the opioid receptor free and takes the place of the opioid for a short time.

I always thought it was called antivenin. Is there a difference?

I counter acts the venom. My understanding based on recent experiences, Venom causes the blood to coagulate. Your body responds to fight the coagulation and your blood can get too thin. You are balancing between bleeding out and stroking out.

The antivenin helps fight the venom and balance the coagulation. It’s scary and hard to predict what will happen and how much antivenin will be needed, if any.

My daughter was bit by a rattlesnake 2 weeks ago. Still making our way through recovery.