How does budget affect animation quality?


I read a comment how the clone wars series animation quality got better as the budget for it increased. The clone wars series isn’t made by indie studio which means they have the equipment for it. My question is how does bigger budget exactly affect animation quality? how does bigger budget mean less time to be spent? If the animators had unlimited time but lesser budget would the animation be the same quality?

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Animators have to be paid, and computer time costs money.

Time = Money

What a budget buys you is more man-hours of work.

Time is the budget. These people aren’t working for free

Most of the cost is in manhours.

Animation (and really all art) occupies a very unique position of being both high skill *and* very labour intensive.

A bigger budget would allow for more people working on a project all around. More model makers, animators, CGI artists, etc. With more people making the work load lighter, more attention can be paid to all of the details that make one animation stand apart from another. Even projects that are made by huge corporations have smaller divisions inside of them that need certain amounts of money to operate. More money, more people, more gets done, better animation in shorter amount of time.

You do not have unlimited time if you have limited budget. Animators need to pay their rent just just like anyone else. So the higher the budget the more time animators can work on your project and the more animators you can hire. So instead of having an animator rushing through a few dozen scenes because he have other work to do in order to feed his family you can have a small team of animators dedicate their full time on perfecting each and every scene.

Time is money. Higher quality and more detailed animation requires more time and effort to make, and that costs money. Animators don’t work for free, and it takes a lot of man-hours to do detailed 3D animation.