How does Coast Guard monitor multiple radio channels?


We sometimes use a marine radio, and I know that the coast guard is monitoring channel 12, 16, 68, and 72 at minimum.

How do they do it? Are there four employees for the four channels? One employee with four ears? A special device that listens to all four and transfers between them?

Couldn’t find anything on a google search

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It’s most likely a team of radio operators assigned channels to monitor. I’ve done volunteer work as a radio operator for mass casualty training scenarios and it’s usually one man to a radio per channel that needs to be monitored. Not sure if this is how the coast guard does it, though, but it seems to be pretty standard.

I was in a Coast Guard Explorers club, kinda like scouts for Coast Guard. The radio room had several radios listening to different channels. The radios were spaces apart so you could usually tell which radio was receiving, but it’s always a good idea that if you are calling the Coast Guard to say your channel number.