– How does crucifixion cause suffocation?


– How does crucifixion cause suffocation?

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Crucifixion initially suspends the person by their wrists and ankles. Eventually the legs will give up strength though, and you’re left hanging by your wrists with your arms stretched out at an angle. Eventually your arms give out too and now you’re hanging from your arms with the whole weight of your body pulling down on your chest. Inhaling means expanding your chest, but all your weight is trying to collapse it. It takes more and more diaphragm power to breath and it hurts more and more to do so. Eventually you run out of diaphram strength and suffocate.


I’m not a doctor, but a rusty nail through the dermis to the muscular tissue past the bone and out the other side must lead to an infection. Tetanus, hepatitis, staph, all of which can lead to a build-up of fluid in the lungs. That being said, if you were hung from the wrists, the first musculature to fail will usually be the diaphragm. Crucifixion isn’t a sure fire way to murder a dissenter with a definite cause but it will make quite the statement.