How does dual channel RAM work? Why is it better than single channel ram?


I recently had my pc ram in the wrong slots and it wasn’t getting dual channel, now it is. But I’d like to understand why that’s better and how it affects performance.

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Imagine filling a large pot with a faucet.

Now imagine filling that same pot with two faucets.

That’s basically the difference. By adding the second channel you effectively increase the amount of data that can be piped through, which allows it to work faster.

Based on the speed and the width of the connection, there’s a limit to how fast you can transfer data from a stick of RAM to the CPU. Dual-channel (or 3-way or 4-way) memory just means you have multiple “lanes” of data that can work simultaneously, giving you a much higher memory throughput. The way the motherboard is wired up makes it so that certain memory slots are connected to a specific memory channel so, if you put a stick in the wrong slot, they both have to share the same connection.