How does ejaculation actually take place?



I understand the sperm and semenial fluids are seperate and mixed in the urethra before ejaculation. but I don’t get the process over time. The epididymis stores semen.. but does it not release them into the vas deferens until the actual point of ejaculation or are the vas deferens full the entire time the male is erect? Also, what happens if you almost cum and stop? does anything work backwards? can the semenial fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicle work there way back into the vas deferens into the testies themselves?

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[ad_2] So, I guess the sperm dont move until the prostate starts flexing. does the prostate flex when peeing and pooping?

First, epididymus contracts to gently push sperm cells into the vas deferens. This tube massages them forward to the prostate like your gut pushes food. Here they reach another chamber, and mix with liquids from the prostate. The prostate pushes liquid and cells out through the urethra.


1) the mature cells are stored in the epididymis, and are pushed into the vas deference only upon ejaculation

2) like almost sneezing. All the muscles get ready to contract, but don’t. When you don’t quite sneeze, nothing happens except your body gets ready to.

3) it is meant to be a one way system due to the smooth muscle contractions. Once it has reached the prostate, nothing goes back. The pressure is low before. Any sperm that does not leave is simply broken down and reabsorbed. However, if pressure is high enough after the prostate, or if there is some weakness in the muscle, it can get into the bladder.