How does fabric softener work?


How does fabric softener work?

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It leaves chemicals on the fabric that reduces static and makes it feel softer. Imagine it’s almost like leaving a tiny layer of oil on your clothes to make them slick.

Beef tallow. Its perfumed grease to befoul your textiles. If you use it on towels they repel moisture… Never use it. Especially if you tumble dry, its unnecessary.

Warning! Fabric softeners may also increase the flammability of your clothes…

Essentially, it coats fabric in oil. This makes it feel slippery, which most people interpret as “soft”.

Your dryer sheets contain wax or fats, which melt in the heat of the dryer, and the tumbling motion coats everything pretty evenly.

Fabric softener reduces static because lipids (oils) are slightly conductive. The entire surface of the fabric then becomes slightly conductive, which dissipates the static charge.

Add 1/4 or 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle. Leaves clothes soft and they don’t smell like vinegar.