How does gas get into chest to cause gas pain?


I thought they digestive system is separated from the chest by the ailmentary canal and diaphragm

How does gas from intestines reach chest to cause pain near the heart?

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It doesn’t, unless something is really really wrong.

First off, remember that a lot of your digestive system is actually like right up at the base of your rib cage, it is not all down by your belly button. And your esophagus runs down from your throat to your stomach obviously.

But say you’re having gas issues in your stomach/your intestines, that’s still inside your body. So if those organs are bloated with gas, they’re taking up more space, and when they take up more space other areas get less space and get squished. Hence gas/bloating making you feel all around crappy.

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In addition to the other comment there’s two specific things:

One, really just an expansion on this, is that you’re lungs are mostly supposed to expand *down* not out. People who breathe I ly by expanding the rub cage are using a fraction of the actual lung capacity, it’s mostly supposed to be the diaphragm which presses down into the same space as your digestive system, so if that’s bloated it could easily cause issues there.

However to more specifically answer the question of pain near the heart…it doesn’t, technically. But the nerve that runs from your guts up your spine, joins up with the nerve from your heart (/that area) so pain in one literally gets its wires crossed with the other and you feel it as if it was your heart.