How does insect freeze spray work?


Recently I came across a spray used against insects, but that doesn’t contain insecticide and therefore doesn’t have the usual mechanism of action when it comes to anti bug sprays. The description says that

>The innovative technology uses the use of cold to solidify insects within seconds so they can be easily removed and exposed to outside the home

and that

>The aerosol has been developed without a biocidal active ingredient and works solely on the basis of cold, leaving no chemical residue or odours


but I can’t seem to understand how that can be done. Would anyone care to explain better?

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Gasses when moved from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure cool, so most likely they use this effect by pressurising gas and then using a nossle to expel the gas in the direction of the bug freezing it. (Do note this is just my best guess, I am not entirely sure if this is correct)

It’s just a refrigerant with clever marketing, basically a can of electronic duster with small modifications.

When you compress a gas, it heats up because all the heat energy is still there, in a small space. Let it cool down. Let it expand again and it will be cold.

A refrigerant like what is in this product will condense into a liquid under pressure when cooled. When you release the pressure and spray it, it expands and dramatically cools down, to far below 0C. Enough to stun or freeze an insect. The refrigerant then evaporates away without a trace