How does movement become energy?



Something like **wind** or **hydraulic** energy, I don’t understand “Why” or “How”. **When does that movement become** energy and **how**

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Most systems that turn movement in to energy use a motor to generate that power. If electricity is put in to a motor, it will spin. If the motor is manually spun, using a wind turbine or other method, then the motor will produce electricity.

Well, there is a device that can make electricity by spinning. Now, like a hamster on a wheel, wind, water or any form of continouous energy is used to spin that device.
For example a river will always flow. So why not use that water flowing to hit on a bunch of paddles to spin our device.
The same principle is used in cars where the engine spin will spin the alternator also. Imagine if you live radio on overnight your car battery is dead. And all from a stupid radio. Imagine what a car running with all its electronics consumes. This way battery is used only when necessary and the alternator whenever the engine is on.

First of all movement is energy. More specifically kinetic energy. We can use this energy (through moving things like wind or water) to spin turbines or other things which are connected to an electric motor. This motor can convert rotational movement into electricity through a process called induction.

If a bunch of copper wires are made to move through a fixed magnetic field, electricity is generated in those wires. This is then tapped out for usage. Hence essentially converting motion of air or water particles into movement of turbine blades which in turn rotate the coil inside a motor (more accurately a generator) which is surrounded by a fixed permanent magnet and that generates electricity in the said coil.

it doesn’t “become” energy. Energy is not a substance. It’s a bookkeeping trick we use to work out how much motion or “work” is being done, knowing that that gets conserved.

When you’re hearing “wind energy” what it means is the wind is doing work on a fan blade, which does work on some kind of generator which makes electricity, which can go on and do work on something else like turning on your kitchen lights. The “energy” is just the capacity to do work. I do work one one thing and it then has the capacity or “energy” to do work on another.

It’s mathematical bookkeeping and nothing more. Energy isn’t an actual substance at all.