How does not picking up dog poop spread illnesses?


I was cleaning up my backyard today, specifically picking up my dog poop. It got me thinking of a sign I read in my neighborhood park. It said to make sure to pick up your dog poop because it can spread illnesses.

I’m wondering what makes not picking up dog poop spread illnesses. What kind of illnesses does it spread and how does it spread?.

Of course I know that if you were to eat dog poop then you would probably get a whole bunch of illnesses, but if it’s just sitting there on the grass, How would we get sick from it?

Also if small bits of poop remain on the grass, are we still susceptible to the illness?

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People step in it, then step in other places. Kids play in it. Soccer balls get kicked into it. Etc etc

Several ways. First is that other dogs will sniff or even eat it, getting any illness spread by it.

Second is by stepping in it. If you step in a pile of poop, it gets all in your shoe treads. If you step where it was, you get a lot less on your shoe. It will take a lot longer for the large amount of poop to naturally come off. In that time you might sit down at a bench, getting the poop on the ground in front of it. Then you or someone else puts their bag down on it, and then touches the bag. Then you itch your eye and the poop particles you probably don’t even notice are in your body.

When you pick it up there is less poop remaining. This means it gets washed away faster. Also, what little is left will dry out faster, get exposed to UV from the sun more (per volume) etc. Because it is spread out thinner. This kills the bacteria and viruses in it faster than if it had a pile to stay nice and moist inside.