How does protein powder work? Why is everyone using it?


I see tons of “what i eat in a day” and they all use protein powder? I know this builds muscle, but why are so many people using it? If i dont work out and consume this protein powder will i build muscle? Why is everyone so crazy about it im so confused?

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Most people don’t use it. You need protein to build muscle but most aren’t trying to build muscles. If you don’t use it to make muscle by exercising then you will just but on weight as the excess is stored as fat.

Protein is one of the main building blocks of muscle, and exercising is essentially the intentional strengthening and damaging of muscles to build them. Working out you burn calories, carbs, fat, and protein, and you won’t build muscle if you aren’t consuming more protein than you are using for energy in working out. If you don’t work out and consume these it will do nothing if you aren’t exceeding your caloric intake, where if you are you will eventually gain weight as fat.

Protein in general is necessary to rebuild muscles after a workout. People who are very active *generally* have higher protein requirements in order to properly rebuild after working out.
This can be done either through regular foods, like chicken breast, milk, or beans. Though to reach the higher levels of protein intake *depending on the diet* it might take some awkwardly timed meals, or more actual food than one wants to eat a day. So a protein powder can be used to supplement protein intake since it’s easy to add to other things or make into a drink.

Only so much protein can be absorbed at one time by the body, so instead of having a chicken breast every like 2-3 hours, protein powder allows adding protein to other things.

Also, no. Higher protein diet without working out generally won’t build muscles. Assuming the baseline diet is semi-balanced at least. Protein powder alone does nothing if you’re not actively working out.

it’s *easy to fit in* calories.

my kid’s a gymnast. he doesn’t eat enough and he’s allergic to eggs but also hates most food and doesn’t want to eat animals. training 9 hours a week with this combination of things makes it very hard to get enough calories in him to sustain growing like that.

so we put protein powder and coconut oil in his morning shake. he might even drink two of those a day if he’s still starving after the gym and dinner (usually just carbs). it’s easy calories and he finds it at least palatable. and he knows he needs more calories because us and his coaches rail on him about it all the time.

you can apply this to adults where *time* is usually the main factor. you go to work, then you’re going to the gym, or vice versa…but time’s a crunch. and you need the calories. so pop them in a shake and drink it quick. easy calories. same idea for protein bars. protein shakes or bars are almost essential if you’re working out a lot. it’s that or carrying around chicken thighs in your pocket. 😂

Protein helps with hunger cravings as it tricks you into feeling full while having much less calories than carbs. Hence when dieting you see people eating lots of protein with fiber and a small amount of fat with little carbs.