How does rain work? What is the whole process?


How does rain work? What is the whole process?

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Someone correct me if i’m wrong.
Lake water evaporates into the air. It turns into a cloud. The cloud gets heavy and water falls. Water falls into the lake. The cloud disappears once all the water is gone. Water cycle then repeats.

Water on the ground is exposed to dry air, so it evaporates. Water vapor is less dense than the surrounding air, so it collects in the upper parts of the sky, forming clouds. When the clouds reach a saturation point (too much water vapor) or when they are blown by the wind into a cooler body of air (cold air can hold less water vapor than warm air), the water vapor condenses back into liquid water and falls out of the sky, landing on the ground and starting the cycle over again.

Sunlight and heat evaporate water on the ground, putting it in the air

Air near the surface is typically warmer that air above it, which causes this now moisture-filled air to rise up

As air rises, it cools off, cool air can’t hold as much water in it as warmer air

Once the air is too cool to hold all of the water in it, clouds start forming

Once the cloud gets so dense that it can’t hold up the water anymore at all, it falls as rain

Rain goes to the surface and is later evaporated again, restarting the cycle

Sunlight and heat evaporates water from the land and sea, putting it in the air as water vapour. That air cools down, meaning the water condenses back into droplets.

A huge amount of energy is hitting most places in the ocean all day, and the ocean is incredibly huge, so the amount of water going through this cycle is simply enormous. Clouds can be the size of countries and weigh more than mountains.