How does rocking motion help people relax/sleep?


How does baby rockers help them fall asleep? Or does it even work ?

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When in the womb babies sway back and forth as mom moves. They also hear lots of noise (blood pumping sounds, etc) so hairdryers can be calming too. Check out newborn calming “music”.

It works even for adults. I remember having to spend a day and a night on a Navy coastal patrol ship, which was small enough to have significant rocking movement. While the motion made me nauseous during the day, within minutes of lying down in my assigned rack, it put me to sleep, and I slept extremely well.

Inside our inner ear is where we have an organ that senses if we are standing up right, or accelerating, or lying down, and controls our balance.

This works by using lil tiny calcium carbonate molecules inside your ear. As they move around your brain can use that to tell that you are moving!

For some reason when you rock, these little calcium carbonate molecules rock as well, and when your brain detects rocking, it tells you to go to sleep!

Other animals like mice have the same reaction, if you rock them they get sleepy. But if you take out their lil calcium carbonate rocks out of their ear, the rocking doesn’t make the mice sleepy. So it must be that calcium.