How does running water reach the higher floors of skyscrapers?


I don’t really know how plumbing works but there’s no way it just makes it all the way up in one shot without gravity interfering, right?

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I believe that pushing the water uphill is no problem. All you need is a strong pump and it just pushes it up. Gravity is the same at base level as at top. The only thing that increases is the pressure in the pipes.

There are booster pumps throughout that aid the water to reach the top, simultaneously there are pumps in the drainage to slow down the drop of water/waste

Also, for people in NYC living in tall skyscrapers, how do elevators that go to their floor work? Can just anybody from the lobby hit, say, floor 45 and get to that floor? What if it’s an elevator that opens directly into the unit? How do locks and keys work? Where’s the security?

pumps can only push water up so far before it becomes a struggle (inefficient) to fight against the weight of the water pushing down. like in a deep mine, there will be a series of water tanks leading up to the top. a pump would only have to push the water to the first tank, where the second pump would push it to the third tank, and the third one up again etc.