How does smelling work?



Sometimes I smell something but I can’t smell it in my nose, but I can “smell” it in my mouth?

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Your nose has nerve endings in it just like your tongue. Scent is the detection of chemicals in the air that are being produced by an object.

Sometimes, if the nose is worn out by smelling something for too long (nose blindness) or just can’t get enough of a chemical, you can’t smell it.

Your taste buds are similar to these scent sensing nerves and can also pick up on these similar chemicals clinging to your tongue. This is also why things can taste funny If.your nose is stuffy. Scent and taste are very similar processes and very closely linked.

Each olfactory neuron has one odor receptor. Microscopic molecules released by substances around us, whether it’s coffee brewing or pine trees in a forest, stimulate these receptors. Once the neurons detect the molecules, they send messages to your brain, which identifies the smell.