How does the body filter out gasses without us being gassy?


I really don’t know how to word this or if this is even the right place to ask, but I did some googling and short of looking through the entire gastric system, I couldn’t actually find an answer. Probably because it’s worded poorly but heyho.

Being gassy isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling, nor is it really all that common, but our stomachs are acid. And looking at videos of acid dissolving things, a lot of gasses are produced, so how do we deal with that without it constantly coming out both ends?

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For the digestive track, we are quite gassy. We burp, we fart. The reason we don’t do this constantly is because we aren’t constantly eating.

For the other systems, basically they are build to interact with the blood stream which is a closed system. So any interaction is made by dissolving the gases into blood.

This is an interesting question, and I can see where you’re coming from.

When food goes from your mouth to your stomach, it’s been broken down and should be rather liquidy. Once it gets there, the stomach *starts* the acid dependent breakdown of this mess into chyme. As cool as it would be, Your stomach isn’t this big vat of acid that stuff gets thrown onto. It’s more like a crockpot. Once you start eating, it starts getting warmed up a bit, but once it recognizes protein, and oil, it really gets going! When acids react, heat is generated and steam as a result which is a lot of what you see on those videos.

There’s a rule in chemistry that goes “Add acid to water, not water to acid” for exactly this heat issue. When you add acid to water (or food) the heat gets spread out throughout the whole, not isolated.

The stomach secretes acid into the food (chyme) from all sides, at a relatively consistent rate, so gas production is relatively slow. When gas is produced, belching gets rid of the big batches, but it will naturally dissolve into your body fluids as well and you never noticed it’s removal. The stomach tries to add acid to it’s contents in order to get the whole pH of it’s contents down in the low 1-2 range. Crockpot vs Broiler.

Some digestion occurs during this process, but it’s more accurate to think of it as ‘preparing the meal’ to make it safe for your intestines to do the heavy lifting. Killing bacteria, viruses, toxins etc.