How does the moon control ocean currents?


How does the moon control ocean currents?

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Well the moon controls the tides. The ocean currents are largely caused by the changes in ocean temperatures and the shape of the contenants. So the moon pulls water where ever it goes and the water has to slosh around all those pesky land bits.

You can thank the moon for slowing down the Earth’s rotation too.

Every object has a gravitational pull. The bigger the object the bigger gravity pull is. The moon is big and strong to the point gravitational pull off such a big object controls ocean tides. The farther the way it is away from the earth the lower the tide, the closer to the earth the higher the tide or water level. Tides are the measure of water on the shore basically. I haven’t heard of the moon affecting the ocean currents. I believe ocean currents are due to wind direction and the salinity or salt levels in the water.