How does the voice of performers like Michael Buble come across so evenly despite the varying distance between the microphone and his mouth?


I imagine some of this is done in post-production (for recorded video), but what about live? He is constantly moving his microphone all over the place. Happens a few times during this song, plus lots of his other performances. [](

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Great vocalists have impeccable mic technique. When he’s pulling the microphone away his voice is louder. And when it is closer his voice is softer.

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I used to do live audio for events and we are diligently paying attention to volume levels so we can adjust the output very quickly to make it as even as possible. I imagine for something like this, they would have very well trained soundboard operators to make sure the audio was clean

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I don’t know about Buble in particular, but I do know that some performances are just lip synced, so microphones are little more than props in those cases.