How does US military aid work.

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How does US military aid work if the defence companies are non privately owned.

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Usually in one of two forms:

Option A: We clear out a stockpile of older weapons/vehicles and ship them off to Ukraine to use. Then, the unit we took the old stuff from orders up a batch of fresh gear to replenish their warehouse from the usual contract sources. This is great for stuff that has an expiration date and has been sitting in storage for a while, we would’ve had to throw it away in a year or two anyway but now it gets used up in the next few months and we don’t even have to pay for disposal.

Option B: The aid package is literally just a contract to produce XYZ and ship it to Ukraine. We pay for it, but instead of delivering 100,000 rounds of ammunition to Anniston Army Depot, they deliver the ammo to a port and it goes straight onto a cargo ship.

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There’s a few area aid could go to:

1. Funding: The U.S. government allocates money to help other countries buy military equipment or improve their defense capabilities.

2. Equipment: The U.S. might give or sell military equipment, like weapons, vehicles, or technology, to allied nations.

3. Training: U.S. military experts train foreign soldiers in tactics, strategy, and using advanced equipment.

4. Logistics and Support: This includes providing intelligence, planning help, or other support to ensure the recipient country’s military can operate effectively.

The goal is to strengthen the defense capabilities of allies, promote regional stability, and support U.S. foreign policy objectives.

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Not sure your exact question. But as for Ukraine, the U.S. Military just gives them their older equipment and buys new stuff. Missiles like himars and patriots have an expiration date. So the u.s. just gives them missiles closer to expiration dates. Otherwise those missiles have to be sent back to Raytheon or used in training. Most of the aid for Ukraine is actually spent in the U.S.

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I’ll assume we’re talking about US military aid to Ukraine here. Past or future aid packages to other countries were or will be implemented differently.

Military aid is broadly implemented in two ways:

– Ukraine is given a voucher to buy stuff from US arms companies. Ukraine picks what it wants, the US government pays the bill.
– The US military is given funding to replace vehicles or weapons. The replaced items are sent to Ukraine.

In both cases, the US government buys new stuff from private US companies, and something gets sent to Ukraine. The advantage of the first approach is that Ukraine gets new weapons, the advantage of the second approach is that Ukraine gets weapons immediately.

The various military aid bills also tend to include things that are not directly relevant to the recipient. For example, the latest aid bill included hundreds of millions for military R&D. This has very little to do with how military aid works, and everything to do with budget politics.