How does water make plants and things like grass grow?


From an young age you learn to water plants and the grass to keep it green and healthy. I know other factors such as soil and nutrients play a big role but why specifically is water needed for this?

In: Chemistry

Water is one of the ingredients plants use to produce energy. Water is made up of an oxygen atom connected to two hydrogen atoms. The plant uses light energy to rip those hydrogen atoms off of the oxygen. This process creates some charged particles that the plant then uses to turn carbon dioxide into sugars. Those sugars are later used to make energy that the plant uses for lots of different things, such as making more cells.

It is needed for reactions, such as photosynthesis.

Fun fact: a plant’s biomass is mostly acquired from the carbon dioxide they get through the air, meaning that they use that carbon to grow bigger and not from the soil. Through their roots, they will get water and other minerals.

The O2 that plants release as a product of photosynthesis comes from the water the plant takes in. (The CO2 the plant inhales is not the source of oxygen that it exhales)