How does weight lose work?


I know how it works with calories, you eat too few your body starts to eat away at fat reserves but you need about 2000 a day to maintain weight and around 1500 a day you’ll lose about a pound a week but how do people lose more weight than that while doing very little or no exercise? And how does exercise help any how? You only burn 100 calories every mile you run/walk and 3500 calories is a pound. Unless you run/walk tens of miles a day along with the fewer calories you shouldn’t be losing much weight. Take me for example. I eat around 1000 calories a day and walk only 5 miles daily. That’s about 2 ounces lost and to make thing easier we will say 1000 calories is 2 pounds a week which is about another 2 ounces so 4 ounces a day so it should be a pound in 4 day but how is it I’m losing around a half pound a day, 2 pounds in 4 days? I’m losing the weight in 1/2 of the time. So what else is my body doing to burn off these extra 875 calories a day on its own?

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You’ll lose more at first because it’s mostly water weight, and more weight comes off quicker the heavier you are. Ever watch My 600 Lb life? They lose a pound a day or more on a 1200 calorie diet because their bodies are huge, are used to eating 8,000 or more calories a day, and use a lot more calories to keep them alive/do the bare minimum… think how hard it is for them to move their 80lb arms or whatever.

And whatever calculator you use isnt completely accurate. Metabolism is a huge role, like skinny people who weigh like 110 pounds and eat cheesecake and drink beer all day and don’t ever gain a single pound

Another factor is gut bacteria. Apparently this plays a huge role in retention, loss and gain. There is a documentary on Netflix that delves into it a bit, I will edit the comment to add it I case you are interested. It is more about a gene marker but it touches on a few other thing like the gut.

There was a woman who had a gut issue, went through a fecal “transplant” via her daughter. She was always fairly slim, and her daughter was heavier. After the procedure, she gained weight and had a hard time going back to how she was prior.

Edit: Why Are We Getting So Fat? is the title