How does your stomach know the difference between food/liquid – bowels/bladder?


How does your stomach decide that food goes one way and drinks go the other?

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It doesn’t. It all goes to your bowel, where nutrients and water are absorbed into your blood. Meanwhile, your kidneys are at work pulling water out of your blood and into your bladder (using the process to get rid of unwanted chemical byproducts like ammonia).

Simply, it doesn’t. Solid food is broken down in your intestines and eventually expelled from your bowel. On the way, blood vessels extract moisture from your bowel contents by osmosis.

Your kidneys filter your blood, and extract excess minerals and water, which are excreted from your bladder in the form of urine.

Your stomach doesn’t. The valve at the exit of your stomach (the pylorus) opens and the contents of your stomach move to the small intestine. The small intestine absorbs the nutrients from the food and then it moves to the large intestine, which primarily absorbs water. What is left over is poop.

Separately, your kidneys are responsible for removing liquid waste from your bloodstream and moving it to your bladder as urine.