How does your stomach “know” when to pass food on if more food keeps entering during initial digestion?


So if the steak dinner in your stomach was just about “finished” processing and ready to pass to the next organ, what happens when a beer and a bowl of pretzels enters the mix? Does the stomach suddenly go “dammit man we were *just* about to move on! Now I’ve got to start *all over again*!” and start reprocessing? Or are the new food objects just left undigested and lumped in with the rest of the food clump that is passed on?

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It’s not a “I am completed with this package here you go there next stage knock yourself out” process.

It’s a “chemicals are removed and passed on in various orders depending on how filled the digestive process already is” process.

You’re not a first-in-first-out organism. Further, you’r e also not a fastest-in-fastest-through organism.

If your innards are not otherwise busy, you process liquid foodstuffs far faster than complex organic foodstuffs like high-fibre proteins. But that processing takes time for the more filling types of food you eat, at least in most cases. Pack your stomach with wagyu-steak fats and proteins, and it’ll take a while for everything to sort itself out even if you gorf down an ice cream sundae afterwards.

Oh! I actually JUST finished reading [this book]( about the digestive system with my daughter, so this is fresh in mind. (Great book series I think this sub would dig, by the way)

Your stomach dissolves your food into a liquid concoction called chyme, and it passes from there through a sphincter into your small intestine. Solid food, food that isn’t done with that part of the digestion process, straight up isn’t going to fit through that sphincter.

It doesn’t become solid waste again until the large intestine.

Your whole digestion tract is just sphincters all the way down.

A key role of the stomach is to store food and slowly release it into the small intestine, kind of like a funnel. The stomach also releases some chemicals that breakdown food while it’s sitting in the stomach. The intestines are where most of the nutrients are pulled out the food and into your body.