– How exactly does lactose free milk/dairy products work?


I have always had issues with dairy, but I’ve tried lactose free milk lately, and I am totally fine incorporating it into my diet. So, how does it work? Obviously there aren’t lactose cows and lactose free cows out there. What’s the process the dairy products go through to remove the lactose?

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Lactose is a kind of sugar. It is processed by the lactase enzyme. Lactase enzyme deficiency is the most likely reason for lactose intolerance.

For lactose free milk, the producer adds the lactase enzyme into the milk which changes the lactose to forms of sugar that most people can tolerate (glucose and galactose). The milk becomes lactose free.

>Obviously there aren’t lactose cows and lactose free cows out there

~~They’re just next to the brown ones that give chocolate milk.~~

The actual explanation is lactose is a type of sugar.
In the body it is broken down by an enzyme, but people stop producing this enzyme sometimes and end up lactose intolerant.

Lactose free milk can be made in 2 ways, one of which is adding the enzyme to the milk already so it breaks the lactose down before being drank. It can also be physically removed with filters.